A design collaboration between Fors Arkitekter and Rebecka Blomqvist

Photo credit: Camila Stadler

Fors Blomqvist
Enghave Plads 23b
1670 Copenhagen, Denmark

Sofia Fors
Lead Designer, Architect Cand. Arch

Sofia is a Swedish architect and founder of the Copenhagen-based architecture studio Fors Arkitekter. She has extensive experience leading and developing complex building and landscape projects in different scales in renowned architecture practices in Denmark and Sweden. This allowed her to work with architecture and landscape in an integrated practice and develop a social understanding and sensitivity to the context that is now applied in all her work. She holds a master degree in Architecture from Lund University and the Royal Academy in Copenhagen.

+45 31 48 59 00

Rebecka Blomqvist
Lead Designer, Architect Cand. Arch

Originally from a half danish family in Sweden, Rebecka has spent the last ten years living in Italy, Denmark and Japan in pursuit of her passions for architecture and entrepreneurship. Before starting her own practice, Rebecka worked several years with public and residential projects in international architecture offices from Denmark, Switzerland and Japan. She holds a bachelor and master degree in Architecture from the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and an undergraduate degree in Marketing of fashion & design from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.

+45 28 83 44 13